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Reviewing the Best Lessons of 2020

Topic: Trends | Industry: Food & Beverage Processing | Author: Lee Industries

One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 was an eventful year.  For those of us in the food processing industry, the developments of 2020 may guide our companies’ opportunities, operations and investments for years to come.


Throughout the year at Lee Industries, we used this blog site, along with our team of food processing application engineers, to consider how consumer and manufacturing trends would affect our customers and their equipment needs.


We thought it would be helpful to revisit a few of the takeaways from last year that can help you be successful in 2021:


Which Lasting Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis will Food Manufacturers Factor into 2021 Planning?

The pandemic brought about dramatic shifts in WHERE and WHAT consumers eat. Some of these shifts will have long-lasting implications for food manufacturers.  In this article, Lee Applications Engineering Manager TJ Knob shares predictions for the impact of COVID-19 on key food categories.


Processing Equipment Options for Food Manufacturers to Meet Crisis Demand

As many food manufacturers faced a sharp increase in demand due to the pandemic, the need to quickly ramp up production became an issue. Lee Sales Manager Bill Spicher reviews lessons manufacturers can apply to ensure continuous operation, or most expediently add processing kettles or tanks to increase throughput.


Equipment Considerations for Plant-Based Food Processing

The move toward plant-based foods accelerated last year, with a nearly 12% annual compound growth rate forecast between 2020 and 2027. But plant-based food processing has unique challenges that require special consideration for processing equipment.  This article from Bill Spicher reviews the elements plant-based food manufacturers should factor into their equipment decisions.


How Trends in Pet Ownership and Food are Shaping Pet Food Processing Equipment Decisions

Pet ownership has been growing for years (67% of US household now own a pet!), and the homebound nature of the pandemic has only caused that to accelerate. Higher pet ownership and a new emphasis on healthier and higher quality ingredients means that pet food manufacturers are moving fast to keep pace. Lee’s Senior Application Engineer Pat Coval highlights questions pet food manufacturers can consider to optimize their production efficiency and performance.


Jams, Jellies and Preserves: How to Choose the Right Processing Vessel

Producing jams, jellies and preserves at commercial scale has always required specialized equipment, like a vacuum vessel.  Now, with a growing demand and the arrival of products featuring less sugar and the use of a wider range of spices, herbs and rare or exotic fruits, manufacturers are evaluating their processing equipment. In this article, Pat Coval guides you through the factors that affect the configuration of a vacuum vessel.


The CBD Product Market is Still Poised to Take Off, But Think About Operations Before You Jump On

The market for CBD-infused food and beverage products grew dramatically in 2020 and is expected to continue a steep upward trajectory. But beyond the requirements for food processing, manufacturers must be prepared to follow stringent rules like those established for pharmaceutical operations. TJ Knob reviews the documentation, validation and process and equipment certification protocols that CBD manufacturers need to know.


Whether 2021 is as eventful as its immediate predecessor or not is unknown, but it will surely be an interesting year for food manufacturers.  As has been the case for over 90 years, Lee Industries is here to help you understand your processing equipment options and find the best solutions for your needs.


If you’d like to review your processing needs with one of our application engineers, let us know. We will be happy to discuss your situation.


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