Process Equipment Testing

Lee offers the most thorough menu of testing procedures in the industry—so you can test before it arrives at your plant.

Installing new process equipment and then trying to solve any unforeseen issues on site could mean costly downtime and less production.

With today’s importance on validation and equipment acceptance, Lee Industries uniquely meets your specific requirements with a stand-alone Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T.) facility.

  • Once equipment fabrication is completed, vessels are moved to Lee’s off-site F.A.T. facility, where they are tested based on your pre-established protocols
  • These protocols and the customized validation documentation package, become part of the F.A.T.
    Inspection, testing and document review are pre-validation
  • Lee’s dedicated facility eliminates testing at congested plant sites, or by third party vendors, requiring additional shipping and handling
  • Prevents potential delays to delivery and start-up

Lee’s 16,000 sq. ft. F.A.T. facility accommodates a range of vessel sizes. Schedule coordination minimizes visits on multi-unit projects. A large capacity DI water system, two 10-ton overhead cranes and a modern conference area, combined with an experienced team of engineers, assure detailed preparation and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Plus, Lee’s exclusive two-year limited warranty backs up your equipment after shipment.

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