Commercial Mixers

Commercial Mixer
Lee commercial mixers are used to blend liquids, or liquid and particles, with differing densities. Working with two similar liquids or looking for a less rigorous mix? Consider a Lee agitator

Lee Industries Commercial Mixers

Lee Industries offers the most durable and versatile commercial mixers in the industry. From inclination, to multi-mix batch mixers, to the Tri-Mix™ Turbo-Shear™ high-shear mixing system, Lee’s experienced engineering team and their unrivaled workmanship will meet all of your requirements as well as stand the test of time.
Standard Features

All Styles Feature:

  • Sanitary finishes from #4 to Lee Industries’ exclusive super #7 mirror finish
  • ASME Uniflow jackets
  • Vacuum/pressure capability
  • Heavy duty USDA approved direct-drive agitators
  • Double-ribbon, paddle and scraped surface combinations
  • Hydraulic titling option
  • Lee Fluid Transfer flush-bottom ball valves (meets 3A requirements/USDA approved)

Inclined mixers are available with:

  • Trunnion mount and pouring lip
  • Heating/cooling jackets
  • Vacuum/pressure capability
  • Agitator design options for special product requirements



Style D7SI - Inclined Single-Motion 

  • Designed specifically for blending liquids with particles of varying densities, easily damaged solids or other similar processes
  • Agitator configuration assures particles or liquids are folded into total batch
  • Inclined design provides folding, rolling action when pushing product
  • Results in a top-to-bottom safe and gentle blending of total batch
  • Available with USDA approved sanitary foot bushings
  • Various design styles such as scrape-surface, sweep and sickle are available
  • Standard capacities range from 5 to 1,000 gallons in USDA approved designs

Style U9MS - Inclined Double-Motion 

  • Versatile units with counterrotating scraped surface efficiency
  • Designed for processing applications where a combination of thorough mixing and gentle blending and folding is needed
  • Heavy and viscous products are both lifted from the bottom and pulled down from the top simultaneously
  • Inclined design eliminates dead zones around the center shaft
  • Sealed drive prevents product contamination
  • USDA approved foot bushing is easily removed to clean
  • Standard capacities range from 5 to 1,000 gallons in USDA approved designs

Multi-Mix Batch Mixer

The Multi-Mix Batch Mixer is one of the most versatile, high performance batch mixers available today. It blends, disperses and emulsifies ingredients in either a liquid/liquid or liquid/solid system.


  • Unique, high-efficiency mixing head
  • Hydraulic and mechanical shear to dissolve powders, blend miscible and non-miscible solutions, prepare creams and lotions and disperse pigment
  • Clean sanitary design
  • Efficiency for hard-to-wet products
  • High velocity axial and radial product flow
  • Continuous, high-flow rate through mixing head
  • Variable-speed operations with NEMA-4 AC Inverter
  • A process guarantee, based on free testing at Lee Laboratory, adding security to your investment
  • Non-excessive quantities of heat, making it ideal for temperature-sensitive products
  • Variable-speed capabilities available to meet a wide range of process requirements
  • Use in conjunction with scrape-surface agitators to provide a high performance mixing system


Viscosity vs. Capacity Chart

If you don’t see something that meets your needs, or are overwhelmed by the choices, call us. Tell us what your specific needs are and let us put our decades of knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Commercial Mixer Options & Accessories

While the style of commercial mixer or blender you choose will have its own set of features, you also have the opportunity to choose from a few other options.

Electropolishing and Finishing

We recognize the demand for high-quality, durable, ultra-sanitary finishes. We provide world-class mechanical finishes and can also provide electropolish finishes on all of our parts and products.