About Lee Industries

The mission of Lee Industries is to assure our customers are successful by focusing on their custom processing needs and providing them with the highest quality, most durable products and services available.

Lee Industries is committed to the success of your company by providing you with world-class high quality stainless alloy process equipment and service. We design and manufacture the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry. Our customer service team, backed by over eighty years of innovation and experience, provides Lee clients with a single source for all their processing system needs.

Today, Lee processing equipment is in service worldwide in major food, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic, animal health and chemical industries. Our longevity and success is based on our quick response to customer needs and a consistent top quality product, built to accommodate your critical path schedules.

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In 1924, some of the citizens of Philipsburg invested capital for the organization of a new company, which they called Nickel Fabricating Company. This was done in an effort to replace the rapidly dwindling coal business, which had provided the majority of employment in the area. They purchased a building, that had formerly housed a skating rink, where they began to manufacture tinned milk cans and heavy duty cooking utensils from pure nickel and nickel alloys.

After several reorganizations, control was eventually passed to American Mond Nickel Company. This was an English concern, part of the British Mond Organization, which operated a large rolling mill in Clearfield. Under American Mond, the plant began to manufacture steam jacketed kettles while the milk can line was discontinued.

In 1928, American Mond Nickel Company merged with the International Nickel Company. Because a fabricating plant would compete with many of International Nickel’s customers, the decision was made to close the plant in Philipsburg. Plans were made to dispose of the plant equipment to used machinery dealers.

In order to keep the industry in the community, Mr. Thomas J. Lee, a leading Philipsburg businessman, purchased the plant and equipment from American Mond. The new corporation was called Lee Metal Products Company, Inc. Stainless steel was introduced shortly after the new company was formed and Lee Metals became a pioneer in stainless steel fabrication. Lee was the first manufacturer in the world to offer stainless steel steam jacketed kettles. During the 1930s, Lee expanded its line to include storage and processing tanks, vacuum pans and agitators.

World War II brought a large demand for steam jacketed kettles for preparation of food in quantity at Army and Navy bases as well as on ships. The company workforce was increased from 35 to 100 employees.

After the war, the company continued to thrive under the direction of J. Munson Lee, the son of Mr. Thomas J. Lee. In the late 1960s the decision was made by J. Munson Lee to sell the company to Jonathan Manufacturing Company which later became a division of National Lead, an international concern. Throughout this period, the company name remained Lee Metal Products Company, Inc.

Under Jonathan Manufacturing, a sanitary flush-bottom tank ball valve was designed to be used on Lee vessels as well as on other manufacturers’ units.

In 1975, the company was purchased by the employees. The former Vice-President of Operations, Mr. Lewis H. Price, purchased majority stock and assumed the responsibilities of President. The name of the company was changed to Lee Industries, Inc. and the valve line expanded to include two-and three-way ball valves.

Two divisions were formed under Lee Industries, Inc.— Process Systems & Equipment (which manufactured kettles, tanks, and agitators) and Fluid Transfer (which manufactured sanitary valves).

In January of 1986, the company was purchased by Mr. Robert W. Montler who was the Vice President under Mr. Price. With the purchase, Mr. Montler became President and CEO of the company.

In 2016, Mr. Joshua T. Montler was appointed as president and chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

Today, the Montler family continues to operate Lee Industries with Process Systems & Equipment and Fluid Transfer as divisions. Quality craftsmanship and attention to the customers’ needs continue to dominate the company philosophy, just as they did in the early days. With equipment in service throughout the world, Lee Industries remains a leader in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel and alloy process equipment for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical & biotech, personal care, cosmetic and cosmeceutical, animal food and health, and the industrial and chemical industries.