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The Importance of a Clear Manufacturing Quote for Your New Processing Vessel

Topic: Equipment Design | Industry: General | Author: Timothy "TJ" Knob, Jr.

Obtaining a proposal for equipment you intend to use in your processing operation is a critical part of your purchase process. You’ll use your proposal to ensure the equipment suits your application; therefore, understanding what the estimate means for both you and your product is crucially important.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturing quotes are created equal. Though every quote likely includes many of the same elements, the sign of a truly helpful quote is clarity.

A clear, straightforward quote from your vessel manufacturer can allow you to make an educated, informed decision for your next purchase. Here are three key benefits of a clear, easy-to-understand manufacturing equipment quote.

1 - A clear quote allows both sides to avoid misunderstandings

Your estimate should clearly demonstrate what products and services your manufacturer intends to deliver. Gray areas (i.e. parts of the manufacturing quote that are poorly explained or vague) can lead to an imbalance in expectations between the vessel manufacturer and purchaser. Your quote should set out what your manufacturer intends to provide in straightforward, clearly defined language.

For example, an unclear, potentially misleading quote might indicate that your new vessel will be a 500-gallon kettle with agitation. Nowhere does that indicate what sort of agitation is available, what a 500-gallon capacity means for production or how other equipment features like the jacket or construction materials may factor into your new vessel’s operation. A superior quote would offer a detailed description of your vessel’s features, including the capacity, agitation style and more. 

Don’t settle for a quote that doesn’t clearly articulate what you’ll be receiving. Look for clarity whenever possible and if there’s something within the quote you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions to your supplier.

2 - A clear quote brings in-depth understanding of your vessel’s features

A clear, straightforward quote should touch on the exact characteristics of your proposed processing vessel. At minimum, a quote should outline these elements:

  • Physical dimensions
  • Capacity (both working and full capacities)
  • Code certifications, if any, and to what pressures
  • Agitation style and description
  • Horsepower
  • Agitator speed range (if applicable)

Including these items in a quote should help you understand how your new processing vessel will help you meet the mixing characteristics needed to most effectively and efficiently produce your product.

3 - A clear quote shows the overall specifications of the proposed vessel 

In addition to the exact features your vessel will include, your quote should also include information that demonstrates your new equipment’s capabilities. Details like the exact materials used and the design pressure will go a long way toward explaining exactly what is being quoted. 

These factors play significant roles in the level of pressure a vessel can withstand and the temperatures you can use during your daily operation, which in turn affects your throughput and processing time. A clear quote will detail exactly how these, and other performance-related factors can contribute to your production process and what you can expect from your new vessel as a result.

At Lee Industries, we take pride in providing straightforward, easy-to-understand project quotes. If you’re considering purchasing a new processing vessel, please contact our Applications Engineers to review your process and obtain a detailed proposal that puts the focus on your processing requirements.


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