Uniflow Jacket

Our Uniflow coil jacket provides the most efficient and durable design for a wide range of processing applications.

Our exclusive coil construction is fabricated on site, and allows for uniform process fluid flow, extremely efficient and evenly distributed heat transfer, reduced batch times, and controlled processing through zoning. These lead to reduced production costs, ultimately saving our customers time and money.

Our Uniflow jacket assures uniform thermal flow and more active feet of heat exchange surface than competitive jacket designs. Uniflow coil style heat transfer jackets are available on all Lee tanks and are ideal for all heating and cooling media.

Uniflow Provides:

  • Various flow circuits for liquid or vapor phase heating/cooling
  • Ease in zoning that is ideal for heating/cooling processes
  • An optional scraped surface agitation
  • An open style jacket for smaller tanks and low pressure requirements
  • Reduced batch processing time
  • Increased production capacity
  • Uniform thermal flow
  • Elimination of hot/cold spots
  • Increased heat transfer area
  • Controlled batch processing through zones
  • Ability to heat and cool in same vessel

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